Obama Making a Fool of Himself In Turkey

Obama is speaking at the G20 this morning in Turkey. After foolishly declaring ISIS “contained” on Friday (ISIS has attacked Turkey, Lebanon, and Egyptian airliner and now France in the last month) he is looking even worse today. He is getting rightfully grilled by the media over a lack of strategy and the growing concerns of the American people over their safety. In response, he has given general “non-answers”, filibustered, changed the subject and grown peevish. After the third straight question on the matter he grew tense and basically told the reporter that he “did not understand” what his eminence was saying. He also repeated the lie that ISIS isn’t Islam and a vast majority of Muslims oppose what they are doing. His performance is a massive embarrassment and disappointment. He still doesn’t get it.


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Gun Violence – Not Just An American Phenomena

Funny, I thought that Obama and all the leftist Democrats insisted that these sort of mass-shootings only occurred in the US. Too bad France and the rest of Western Europe has disarmed itself. I wonder if the terrorists would have had as much success if there had been a handful of trained individuals with concealed-carry permits inside that theater?

Leftists and progressives are soooo stupid.

Europe Committing Cultural Suicide, Literally

As the events in Paris Friday have shown, France is reaping what it has sown. For decades France has allowed virtually unrestricted Muslim immigration without any attempt to assimilate these people, allowing virulent Islamic extremism to incubate within its borders. Other European nations have followed suit, all in the name of “tolerance”, “diversity”, and “multi-culturalism”. The recent flood of “refugees” is amping up the problem. As a result, Western Europe is literally committing cultural and societal suicide. At the rate it is going, traditional Western Europe, the seat of much human progress and advanced culture, will cease to exist in a generation or two. That is, unless Europe and the rest of Western civilization has the wisdom and the courage to rise up and destroy radical Islam immediately.

Who is to blame for this? Leftists and “progressives” in Europe and around the world, that’s who. The left has an incomprehensible sympathy for Islam, despite the numerous atrocities committed in its name, and the known intolerance of the religion. Leftists view Muslims as universal victims and cannot comprehend that there are people in the world bent on domination and destruction. As a result, the left has literally invited the wolf into our den. You cannot reason with people who at the very least seem to think that they belong to a death cult. The only way to eliminate this type of threat is to destroy it.

Exhibit A for the Muslim apologists is our own President. Even Friday at his first press conference, Obama could not mouth the words “Islamic Terror”. At least he looked sick to his stomach. Nevertheless, Obama repeated the lie that this was an attack on our “universal values”. Wrong! There are no “universal values” and not all countries and cultures are equal. The values of Islamic extremism are power, domination and death. For some reason Obama and his far-left extremist buddies want to bring these people to America. If the US doesn’t wisen up, the events in Paris will be repeated here for years to come. I pray that our next President “gets this”. The US government should IMMEDIATELY cease all immigration from Middle Eastern nations, except for those people who are of known non-Muslim origin, until a coherent policy with detailed security measures can be implemented.

Leftists Democrats (that is redundant these days) still don’t get the problem. At last night’s debate, not one candidate spoke out on these atrocities. Dopey Bernie Sanders had the stupidity to double down on the “climate change causes terrorism” meme, saying it, not Islamism is the greatest threat to world security. What a moron, but he speaks for much of the American left. Time to throw these bums out!

Western civilization and it’s leaders need to wisen up and realize that radical Islamists are at war with us, even if we won’t declare war on them. Maybe Putin will save us.At least he has guts.