Obama Making a Fool of Himself In Turkey

Obama is speaking at the G20 this morning in Turkey. After foolishly declaring ISIS “contained” on Friday (ISIS has attacked Turkey, Lebanon, and Egyptian airliner and now France in the last month) he is looking even worse today. He is getting rightfully grilled by the media over a lack of strategy and the growing concerns of the American people over their safety. In response, he has given general “non-answers”, filibustered, changed the subject and grown peevish. After the third straight question on the matter he grew tense and basically told the reporter that he “did not understand” what his eminence was saying. He also repeated the lie that ISIS isn’t Islam and a vast majority of Muslims oppose what they are doing. His performance is a massive embarrassment and disappointment. He still doesn’t get it.

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Gun Violence – Not Just An American Phenomena

Funny, I thought that Obama and all the leftist Democrats insisted that these sort of mass-shootings only occurred in the US. Too bad France and the rest of Western Europe has disarmed itself. I wonder if the terrorists would have had as much success if there had been a handful of trained individuals with concealed-carry permits inside that theater?

Leftists and progressives are soooo stupid.