The Debate of The Century

Not so much. More like a schoolyard brawl.

The leftist media saw a big Hillary win. Online polls (admittedly unscientific) had Trump winning, some by a lot. More thoughtful pundits saw a tie or Hillary by a nose. The first 30 minutes were carried by Trump when he hit Hillary on trade and the economy. The next 30 minutes went to Hillary when Trump got hit on taxes and birtherism. The last 30 minutes were probably a tie. The questioning was clearly skewed against Trump. One wonders if the Clinton mafia didn’t threaten Lester Holt and NBC in advance especially after the Matt Laurer kerfuffle. While Trump got hit with tough questions on the above, Clinton faced not one question on Benghazi, her email server, the Clinton Foundation or her “deplorables” comment. NOT ONE! This may ultimately backfire against her and the left-wing media as it plays into the idea (truth) that most media is in the tank for Clinton. Trust in media is at an all-time low and voters may recoil against obviously biased questioning.

Lester Holt: The Third Debater?

For both candidates it was probably a mixed bag. Trump was good on trade and the economy, looked Presidential at times, was genuine and proved that he could handle the big stage with Clinton (pre-debate whisper by the left was that he would get blown away). On the flip-side, he interrupted too often, did appear miffed at times and got into the trees too often on insignificant things (taxes, birtherism). He has to comment quickly and move on or redirect. On his personal taxes all he has to say is “I have been audited every year of my adult life. I have always complied with the law and my lawyers advise me to withhold releasing my taxes until the audit is complete. Why is that so hard? As a consequence he was way too defensive during the last hour. Clinton kept her cool and often stayed on message. However, she looked flummoxed at times, especially on trade and really had nothing new to offer. She played small-ball: green energy, stop-and-frisk, Trump not paying a contractor or two and insulting a few women…really? That’s the best you got? She also looked scripted, phony and smug compared to the “genuine” Trump, and her nasty attack at the end regarding Trump’s “misogyny” may be seen as overly negative.

My takeaway is that Trump missed an opportunity to deliver a knockout blow. Although Lester Holt treated her with kid gloves, Trump had the opportunity to hit her where she is vulnerable. When she brought up “conflicts of interest”, I think during the personal tax discussion, the door was wide open for Trump to say “The Clinton Foundation is a walking conflict of interest” and then lay out a specific or two. When she criticized Trump for not paying contactors, he should have said “much of my support is from the working class, people you call Deplorables”. When she attacked on his women comments, he should have countered ” Hillary Clinton is a walking war on women” and then outlined all of the women she has tried to destroy. I can’t believe that he was not quicker on the counter-punch. He had huge openings and didn’t take them.

My advice to Trump for next debate: keep cool, don’t be defensive, answer and redirect. Look for every opportunity to attack Clinton on her email server, Benghazi, her honesty, the Clinton Foundation, her “Deplorables”, attacks on women, ect.

Another view:

Final exit comment: I find it comical that media “fact-checkers” found Clinton more truthful. Several had her near perfectly honest or truthful. That struck me as odd. Thinking back over the debate, it seemed like they were about equal in telling things factually correct and honest or telling mistruths. I then went back and quickly found four obvious instances where Clinton lied or was incorrect. This just proves that even the media truth police are corrupt. Best to ignore them.


Racist, Bigoted Kansas Staffer Goes Off on Campus Conservatives

It is astonishing, and sad, what goes on at universities these days. I would think that the leftists running many of these institutions would be embarrassed, if nothing else for the language used. But no, they often cheerlead this sort of garbage.

This clown, Mark White, is an anti-intellectual, anti-free speech, bigot who should immediately be dismissed from his position at Kansas. If he were white or conservative he would have been fired before he hit “send”. Like most leftists, he projects his own hatred on to those whom he disagrees with.


Democrats Are Losing Control of Black Americans

As well they should. It is not an exaggeration to say that Obama has done more harm to black Americans than any president since the civil war. Race relations have regressed 40-50 years. Black are worse off under Obama using every measurable of well-being: income, employment, wealth, crime, poverty, and health. It is about time that black Americans realize that the left (Democrats) wants them right where the reside: uneducated, uninformed, dependent and in ghettos. Donald Trump has a legitimate chance to change things, Hi(liar)ly will not. I believe that he will garner a surprisingly large number of their votes. As he said: What do you have to lose!!??



The Left Weaponizes Sports

The left ruins everything it touches: entertainment, academia, news, and now it is going after sports.

This is a warning to pro and college sports (hello NCAA North Carolina boycott): proceed at your own risk. You will lose much of your audience and billions of dollars. I have already cut ESPN due to its sickening SJW posturing. NBA? Gone, as it shamelessly adopted the BLM lies. I will have no problem dropping the NFL and NCAA if this continues. I suggest the non-leftists among us to do the same.

Ted Cruz and Conscience

Vote your conscience, vote for Trump:

Taking Ted Cruz Seriously


Public Schools Full of Violence

More cultural destruction brought to you by the left. You can’t make this stuff up. Discipline is “racist” because children of color are responsible for a disproportionate amount of school violence. The left’s solution: no discipline to be replaced with hand-holding and counseling. And the ones hurt are the minority kids who want to learn.

I have stopped ascribing good intentions to the left: they want chaos. No discipline at home or school means no chance at an education, no job prospects and no hope for these kids. Just what the left wants: cradle to grave dependency.