Trump Vs Hillary

Trump is surging, Hillary is limping to the finish. Trump has recently made some astute moves. Hillary is thrashing about trying to determine whether to run left or far-left. Here is the thing, Trump is not my guy (I was behind Cruz) but I will vote for him in a second. I cannot trust him to always do the right thing, but I can GUARANTEE Hillary will always do the wrong thing. Besides, as a Sanders supporter put it “Hillary is not a leftist, she’s not a socialist, she’s not a centrist, she’s not a Democrat – she is a Clintonista.”

Beyonce’s Sweat Shop

I’m not a fan of Beyoncé the “artist” or celebrity, but I am a capitalist. She recently came under fire for using Asian sweatshops to make her clothing. Well, her sweatshop will do far more for the poor in Sri Lanka than any lefty “fair-trader” or finger-wagging journalist. Take away such jobs and the poor are left with….no job! Read the economic case for the practice. And here is to hoping that Beyoncé doesn’t get bullied by these leftist know-nothings.

Beyoncé’s ‘Sweatshops’ Do More For The World’s Poor Than You Ever Will


Freedom of Association Is On Life Support

And so we are left debating bathroom bills:

Bathroom Bills Stall Amid Shower Of Criticism

First, universal gay marriage in the name of tolerance threatens religious freedom. Now, this disgusting transgenderism (actually a mental illness) threatens freedom of association. Add it to the leftist attacks on free speech and the right to bear arms and the Bill of Rights is being shredded by the progressive left.


Update: Whole Foods Fake “Hate Cake” Pastor Apologizes

Too bad WF is dropping their suit. The penalty here should be the same as if the cake was real. Scumbag leftist/progressive.

Remember The Fake Whole Foods ‘Hate Cake’? Pastor Apologizes, Admits He Lied