Kill The Electoral College?

Of course, Clinton lost, we need true “democracy”! As Ben Franklin said: “democracy is two wolves and a sheep discussing what to have for dinner”. Anyway, it’s a dumb idea being pushed by ignorant people.



9/11 Mastermind In His Own Words

A fascinating read. What is striking is how cooperative KSM became after he was flipped. And enhanced interrogation doesn’t work, huh?

Exit quote: “But quitting will not bring us peace, KSM told Mitchell. He explained that “it does not matter that we do not want to fight them,” Mitchell writes, adding that KSM explained “America may not be in a religious war with him, but he and other True Muslims are in a religious war with America” and “he and his brothers will not stop until the entire world lives under Sharia law.”

The only people who don’t get that Muslims want to destroy us whether we want to fight or not are the left-tards in the country. Then Trump got elected. These Muslim vermin also don’t understand America’s resolve, and that we have many “sheepdogs”. Except, of course, the left-tards, who will be the first to have their heads removed from their bodies.