Odious Leftists Put Illegal Alien Murderers Over Innocent College Girls

To the despicable left, Mollie Tibbetts was just “some white girl” from Iowa, while illegal aliens are the real victims. One imbecilic former Bernie staffer (but I repeat myself) even had the nerve to say illegal immigration was not the issue, but rather “toxic masculinity”. Is he suggesting all Mexican men suffer from this? Isn’t this vaguely racist?

Face it middle America, the Democrat socialist left hates you and does not care one bit about your fate. Think of that when you vote in November.




Pearl Jam Sucks

A little palate cleanser. This is an old article but I could not agree more. It is modestly relevant because the band is once more on tour and its odious, preening, self-important poser of a front man, Eddie Vedder is using every concert as an opportunity to spew hate for Trump and Republicans in general.


I generally love music from the 1990’s grunge and alt-rock era. Pearl Jam is the exception. I loathe them. They are the AOR “grunge” band. Their catalogue pails in comparison to the greats from that era: Nirvana, STP, Soundgarden, AiC , ect. Unfortunately, we have lost the original singers and front men of these bands to a combination of drugs and suicide, so we are left with…Eddie Vedder. Cobain, Weiland, Cornell and Staley were far more talented vocalists and song-writers, and were also far more charismatic. They are missed. I can’t wait for this bum to retire.


Gutless Antifa Punk is Cowardly Poster Boy For The American Left

….And the Democrat Party.

Conservative comedian Steve Crowder ambushed the unemployed white millennial Antifa punk in a Dallas restaurant, and hilarity ensued. The man, who had bragged of his capability to inflict violence and threatened to murder members of ICE threw a beer at Crowder and then promptly ran away. These scum are only tough guys when the can cover their faces and outnumber the opposition. Lock them all up…they are domestic terrorists.



Corporate Gun Control May Be Worse Than The Real Thing

PC virtue signaling by major corporations to prevent communication, training, manufacturing and retail trade around firearms may do more harm to gun rights than any government action.


The good news? People are fighting back. Recently Louisiana decide to stop doing business with Citibank and Bank of America over their anti-gun policies. Neither will be allowed to assist the state with its hundreds of millions in municipal bond issuance. This will hit the banks hard. Citi and B of A were the first large financial institutions to crack down on the financing of this legal, highly regulated product. Bravo Louisiana! More states need to stand up to these corporate bullies. Oh, and let’s remember, Chicago has among the stiffest gun-control laws in the country.



John Brennan Is A Dishonest, Pathetic Political Hack

Who deserved to have his security clearance revoked and is hardly being “silenced”. Oh, and he should definitely be investigated. He just doesn’t have access to state secrets anymore that he can leak! Wah, wah, wah!



Brennan is a sick, angry, bitter and likely frightened man. A career DC insider, he was loathed by the left (for good reason) when he ran the CIA, but is now their anti-Trump hero. Between far-left radicals on campus, corrupt DC insiders, and the LWM there is an ugly storm brewing.


Elizabeth Warren’s Wacky Capitalism

Note to Senator Fauxcahontas – Most large companies openly encourage their employees become shareholders or even GIVE them equity these days. Also, the most successful companies are those with the HIGHEST returns to shareholders. Boy, is she stupid, and dangerous!



University Of Michigan’s Bias Response Team

I had a exchange with a recent U of M grad over the University’s “Bias Response Team”. The University is being sued by several organizations claiming it infringes on free speech. You can see U of M’s description here:


I expressed my displeasure with such Orwellian bodies, to which the person (snowflake) said in a huffy, angry tone “well, I support it, because there have been numerous incidents of racism on campus”. I would dispute his characterization of a handful of incidents, several of which have proven to be hoaxes, to be signs of rampant racism. But if you accept his premise my response was:

  1. The way to defeat bad or unsavory speech is with more speech, not by eliminating said speech. I oppose real racism, but to quote one of my favorite sports personalities “call me a free speech absolutist.”
  2. The policies in the above link are vague and unclear. A bias incident can be “unintentional”. What is this? It’s like the USSR.
  3. The bias response team is open to any perceived slight, not just racism. Will it be applied evenly? What about conservative students who loathe Antifa or communism? Will they get an audience? I doubt it.
  4. There is no evidence that said incidences of racism were perpetrated by U of M students. The campus is open. People come and go. It could have been townies. In which case, what does this accomplish?