We Live In the Era of The Lie

Every class of institution is corrupt and lies to you: government, higher academia, media, tech, medicine, education. The dishonesty and brazen lying has never been this great, at least in my lifetime. Sex (gender) is fluid, men can have babies, abortion is health care, man is destroying the planet, climate change is causing severe storms, The Covid vaccine is safe and effective, government spending lowers inflation, and on and on and on and on. This is just a small sample. Every one of these previous statements can either be easily disproven or at worst are weak hypotheses. Everything everywhere seems a lie. Wake up. Read, research, question everything and assume nothing, and more than anything, rely on your own observations and empirical evidence. The Federal government is the biggest liar of all.


Want more proof:



The Sports World Loses a Legendary Coach Far Too Soon

Mike Leach tragically passed away of a heart condition. Coach Leach repeatedly took also-ran football programs like Texas Tech, Washington State and most recently Mississippi State to new heights. He was an innovator, credited with developing the Air Raid offense while at Texas Tech, a great coach, a funny and intelligent man, and by all accounts are very good person. Except for a few turd sports “journalists” he was liked by all, a rarity in college football.

The college football world is a far sadder place with him gone. He lives on through his incredible coaching tree:

RIP, Coach!

In A Just World President Trump Would Win a Nobel Peace Prize

Hell, Obozo got one for doing….nothing. For all his flaws Trump did an amazing job on foreign policy, especially coming from someone with “no prior experience”. But this is not a just world and the Nobel committee is corrupt, just like every globalist institution. Hard core leftists.