Charlottesville Was Part Of A Purposeful Strategy By The Far-Left

One could even call it treasonous. What else would you call violence to reform society and change the Constitution? Democrats, the left-wing media and academia are all to blame.



Lefty Accuses Mike Rowe of “Anti-Intellectual White-Nationalism”…and Gets Destroyed

Chuck Adkins, some odious leftist, accused Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” fame of supporting anti-intellectualism because of his promotion of skilled trades. In his eyes, anti-intellectualism = white-nationalism = racism. Well, Mike, whom I have had the pleasure of hearing speak, did not take it lying down.

Next time Chuck, you might want to bring your big-boy debating pants. I especially love how Mike points out and explains logical fallacies, something that is destroying discourse in this country.

ESPN is Dumber Than We Thought

Removing Asian announcer Robert Lee from a UVA football game because they didn’t want the ridicule, or him to be ridiculed, or some in its snowflake audience to be “triggered”, or something. Not to the left: nowhere in this country’s laws (Constitution) do you have the right to never be offended.

From one of the best sports sites out there. God love Clay Travis:

Hey ESPN: sports is meant as an escape, stop with the politicking. It is killing your business, you dopes!

The Far-Left Is The Real Danger

Not a few thousand kooky white supremacists. Here is a collection of articles covering our latest national crisis.

Democrat former senator Russ Feingold, formerly somewhat mainstream finally goes all-in on the far-left and calls all Republicans “Nazis”. Funny but I though Nazi stood for National SOCIALIST.

Vandals destroying monuments because they hate America:

Our post-Charlottesville behavior is a national embarrassment. Violence, censorship, virtue signaling, hysteria and prostration.

What today’s far-left America has in common with China’s cultural revolution. Scary. A word of caution to real Democrat liberals (if there are any left): the violent thugs and crazies will come for you after they have gotten rid of conservatives, capitalists, Christians, Jews, right-wingers, ect, ect. Just read history. Even if you loathe Trump and the “right” but respect actual freedom, like that of speech, you best start standing up to these thugs.

Why “punching Nazi’s” leads to more than punching Nazi’s:



Monuments, History and The Far-Left

I predicted this a few days ago. I just thought it would take more than 15 minutes. But the far-left has expanded its attack on Confederate icons to go after our founding fathers and other great Americans. A Chicago pastor wants to remove Washington’s name from its public parks because he was a slave owner.

The odious Al Sharpton and a Democrat congresswoman want Washington and Jefferson banned from public squares. The media mocked Trump when he suggested exactly this in his presser gone awry Tuesday, but on cue the trained seals on the left did exactly as predicted. Boy, is he right more often than not! A statue of Lincoln, (Lincoln!) was defaced in Chicago, I guess because he was a Republican. I guess this person is too stupid to know he freed the slaves. Woodrow Wilson, the progressive icon has been under attack at Princeton. Teddy Roosevelt is in the crosshairs of some. Far-left radicals are not interested in stamping out racism; the are nihilists who want to destroy the country, erase history and banish anything they view as objectionable. This is what the fascists did in 1930’s Europe. This is what ISIS is doing today.

Why stop there? Take all our dead white former presidents off our currency. Rename Washington DC. Let’s destroy all Roman ruins because they enslaved people and sent Christians to their deaths in the coliseum. Lets tear down the pyramids since they were built by slaves. Mount Rushmore? Celebrates imperialists and slave owners…gone. FDR? He imprisoned the Japanese. Custer National Park? He killed native Americans by the thousands. And the Reagan library? The left hates him! See where this is going? To the left all that matters is today and their emotions. Soon they will want to tear up the Constitution and get rid of the American flag. I have an idea, I want Che Guevara T-shirts banned, the murdering communist that he was. See, we can both play the game.

I hope this will end badly for the left. Political opportunists like Corey Booker are taking advantage of the moment. Where were all these people when Obama was in office? Why now? I don’t recall them making a fuss about this, oh, ever before! I’ll tell you why, because Trump is in office. This would have been a massive embarrassment to a Dem president. The US has never been perfect, but our leaders by and large were more good then bad. Their memorials deserve our respect and honoring. The whole spectacle is disgusting.



The Moral and Intellectual Rot at CNN

The terrible terrorist attack in Barcelona has taken Charlottesville off the front page for now, but the dopes at CNN just couldn’t help themselves. It is no secret that CNN has gone all-in on far-leftism, making MSNBC look balanced. One of their commentators (an ex-Obama stooge) and their obtuse anchor, Wolf Blitzer, could be heard today musing on whether the Barcelona attack could be a “copycat” of what happened in Virginia. Note to CNN: look up Nice, Berlin, London and Stockholm you idiots. CNN is staffed by stupid, odious far-left propagandists. Sad.

On Charlottesville Trump Was More Right Than Wrong

I  just wish he had said it better and not been baited by the media. NBC and the BBC, not exactly Trump-friendly, both report that the left came ready to rumble. Unfortunately their reporting is a little late.


Charlottesville Virtue Signaling

There can be legitimate opposition to the removal of Confederate monuments, but the far-left has been allowed to frame it in one word: racism. See, the left is on the side of “good” while their opposition is “bad”. Therefore, their violence is somehow “legitimate”. This is very troubling and will not stop there. We see it in all kinds of issues.

We have something called freedom of speech for a reason. And no matter how offensive it may be, nobody has the right to commit violence to stop it.