Silicon Valley’s Shameful Attempt to Purge Peter Thiel

The left tries to impose its “values” on the entirety of culture. Leftists are exactly what the purport to oppose: they are among the most intolerant, hateful people around.

The left has tried to take over government with some success. It took over big media but is losing its hold. It has largely taken over academia and entertainment. It has tried with big business but has largely been unsuccessful, except in HR departments. This is because leftists usually fail at capitalism. It is attempting to ruin big-time sports see BLM and ESPN). Now it is trying to take over Silicon Valley. The disgraceful treatment of pro-Trump, and gay venture capitalist Peter Thiel is exhibit one.


Leftists Only Think Elections Are Rigged When They Lose

Hypocrisy and dishonesty are the hallmarks of the American left. Fact, vote fraud exists. Is it enough to turn a national election? Rarely. But please, stop your scolding of Trump. I have four words for the left: Al Gore, John Kerry.

John Kerry Thinks Bush Rigged The 2004 Election


The Media’s Unbearable Moralizing

In 2008 the media shed any semblance of objectivity and crossed over to advocacy. It has been getting worse every year, to the point that it has completely disgraced itself this year. It has highlighted every Trump flaw while virtually ignoring Hillary Clinton’s mistakes, criminal activity, and often despicable behavior. She being possibly the most corrupt Presidential nominee in US history.

The leftist media has the temerity to rail against what it perceives as hatred, various “-isms”, incompetence and belligerence, but readily traffics in its own hatred, “-isms”, and belligerence while ignoring gross incompetence on its own side. Leftists project, that is what they do. They are truly comical. They are only for rights, liberty, values and tolerance if it meets their leftist sensibility. As a consequence trust in media is falling by the day and may eventually destroy them. Unfortunately it will probably not be enough to save the country from the disaster of Hillary Clinton as President.