Trump Is Blessed with Stupid Enemies

And Peter Strzok is really creepy:

He reminds me of Kevin Spacey when he plays a serial killer.


Starbucks Eliminating Plastic Straws is Silly and Will Do Nothing For The Environment

More PC virtue-signaling by a company run by leftists. Plastic in the world’s oceans IS a HUGE problem. Here is an unfortunate fact: 93% of ALL trash that ends up in the ocean comes from just 10 rivers in Africa and Asia.

When we try to tackle environmental problems, let’s take steps that actually accomplish something, like working with third-world nations to deal with their polluting. In many less developed nations rivers are the sewers and trash disposals mechanisms for waste. Simply banning this or that disposable product in the US will do nothing to prevent pollution and the harm it causes to wildlife.


The Stupidity of The Left

The New York Times hates “conservative” speech:

And the dumbest thing of the month if not year, the US is the tenth most dangerous country for women, according to some odious “women’s studies” people. These are nothing more than a bunch of leftist feminist who have to come up with reasons to hate America. To them, any restriction on abortion would likely qualify. To call this study imbecilic is an understatement. The entire Middle East, all of Africa and Asia outside of Japan are likely more dangerous, as well as most of Central America.


New Study Suggest We Are Likely Alone In The Galaxy If Not The Universe

I have not read the entire paper but will attempt to. Mind-blowing when you think about it. With the vastness of our galaxy let alone the universe, there seems to be more confidence that we may be alone if not practically that. It makes one question how there could not be a divine being behind the Earth and our creation. There are thought to be over 100 billion galaxies and trillions of stars in the universe. If life were the random result of the big bang a subsequent cosmic activities, where is it? Other studies have concluded that the number of stars and planets capable of creating and supporting life are extremely rare. To be continued.