The Ten Worst Mayors In America

These people are all incompetent buffoons, tyrants, liars, hypocrites and frauds. They also have another thing in common: they are all Democrats. Some of them probably should be facing civil or even criminal charges for the havoc they are causing, but being an elected official in this country sadly brings you immunity from prosecution for malpractice.

Year-in-Review: The 2020 List of the 10 Worst Mayors in the Nation (


Burn Your Masks Now

Yet another detailed study indicating masks not only do not stop the spread of Covid, they actually might make it worse. Read actual scientific and medical literature people. Do not get your medical advice from WaPo, NYT, CNN, ABCNBCCBS, Facebook or Google. Masks do NOTHING and may actually put you at risk. Masks are a form of control and are a placebo. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and stay clear of sick people. Those are things that work.

Wait, Doesn’t Biden Have A Covid Plan??!!

Many smart people assumed if Biden was elected (or apparently elected) that the Covid crisis would immediately go away. Turns out, nope. The tyrants are enjoying their power and are not going to give it up without a fight. This is the same clown who advertised his “plan to defeat Covid”. Turns out he has no plan. “The future is dark and scary”. The latest in the far-left’s fear porn arsenal is the “mutant UK strain”. They are already touting its danger despite the fact that viruses always mutate and they have zero evidence of any additional risk.

Biden Warns Worst Is Yet to Come With Virus, Here Comes the Fear Porn (

It Is Well Past Time To Stop The Left

I sound like broken record. I have been saying this for years. Nonetheless, this article is one of the best opinion pieces and most important reads I have seen in a long time:

The Time for Talking with the Left is Long, Long Past – American Thinker

Leftists cannot be reasoned with or dealt with decently, because reason and decency do not exist in their world. I am not talking about liberals, the few that still exist. I am talking about leftists, Marxists. We must fight them at every turn with our intellect, through debate, the ballot box, and if necessary by force. The gloves have to come off. Think I am wrong? Here is a “fine representative from Detroit”:

“Make Them Pay”: Michigan State Rep. Cynthia Johnson Instructs “Soldiers” to Go After Trump Supporters (

Well, she has already paid by losing her committee posts, and there is a push to remove her from office. I suspect it will fail, because, you know “racism”, but it is a start.

And if you don’t think leftists are crazy, here’s more:

Woman Decorates Home With Christmas Lights, Receives Letter Calling Them a ‘Reminder Of Systemic Biases’; Did I Mention She’s a COVID Ward Nurse? (

I have hope that the tide is turning. Antifa punks were recently beaten and run out of town in Olympia, WA. The “Karen” mall Santa was fired. A crazy pro-lockdown teacher was caught on film cursing at parents who simply want their kids in school – she has been suspended. And now Ms. Johnson. Traditional Americans, conservatives and simply normal people have HAD IT with the far-left.

Texas Sues Multiple States Over Their Unconstitutional Election Changes

Excellent. Brilliant move, Hail Mary or a little of both? Texas has fired the first shot and the left-wing media is going to go bonkers. Could this be the first step in dissolving the country if states violate the Constitution and allow fraudulent elections to continue? If I were Texas, Florida or another influential conservative state I would make it well known that they will be happy to leave the Union over this. That and make it known that they have no interest being in a country where they have to subsidize the corrupt, failing kleptocracies of California, IL and NY/NJ. California did as much in what was simply a temper-tantrum over Trump winning in 2016 with no evidence of malfeasance. 

Texas Sues Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin at Supreme Court over Election Rules (

Comprehensive IU Study Shows Students Safer In-Person Than Remote

Indiana University did a study following 70,000 undergraduate students and determining their Covid Risk. The study clearly showed that students were LESS LIKELY to contract Covid from in-person learning than they were if they were quarantined and required to take remote only classes. This study is statistically significant and is backed up by many others, but won’t be found in our corrupt left-wing media. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

Safety of in-person courses at Indiana University supported by new analysis: News at IU: Indiana University

It Is Time To Ban “Sleigh Ride”

The following is a work of satire:

As with so many artifacts of American culture, the song “Sleigh Ride” which harkens back to a simpler time and supposed Christmas joy is in fact highly offensive and must be banned immediately. The song invokes the use of horse labor in the sleigh ride. Do these horses volunteer for this work? Even worse, the sound or a whip can be heard at times which means the song is obviously pro-animal abuse. Furthermore, this sound may conjure up images of slavery and needlessly trigger so many of the immature, delicate psyches of this country. Why, Karen Garebuls of the Democratic Society to Cleanse American Culture has called Sleigh Ride “animal phobic, abusive, potentially racist and altogether highly offensive. There is no place in our America for such harmful music.” We have already been successful in stigmatizing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” as being supportive of date-rape, though sadly the song has not disappeared yet. There is still much work to be done, social-justice warriors, so get to it!

Merry Christmas