Where Are The Feminists On The Bathroom Bills

The left is waging the culture war on multiple fronts with the most egregious being the “T” issue in LGBT. This issue is clearly in no way helpful to women, but the feminist left is so far silent. As I have said before, their is a hierarchy of grievances in the Western world with Muslims and the LGBT crowd slugging it out at the top followed by women and minorities. In this case “T” trumps woman.

Trans Bathroom Bills Prove Feminism Has Failed My Daughter

The left is escalating things: they have “won” for now on gay marriage and are going after “trans” issues despite the fact that this covers at most a few hundred thousand Americans. Never mind that many credible experts consider this a mental health issue. Are we to have our rights denied just to appease an extreme minority? I hope that the average American is getting sick of this. Perhaps the far-left has finally bitten off more than it can chew with this issue but we will see. What’s next? Polygamy? Pedophilia? Other even more shocking predilections? Trust me, if we don’t turn the tide in the culture war, it’s all coming.



Islamism Is The War On Women

I know, I know, it’s just a few “radicals”. Or you are a “racist” (sorry Islam is not a race) for even saying this.

Islamism Is The World’s War On Women


The Intellectual Case For Trump

I never thought of this angle: he is the culture warrior we need.

Best quote: “Perhaps, say, some titanic elite figure who knows leftist pop culture’s weaknesses from the inside, and is willing to lose his cozy insider status to go at it like a wrecking ball? You know, the sort of person with enough cultural cachet to turn an episode of “Saturday Night Life” into an hour-long infomercial for his political vision, rather than a source of endless sneering gags about Republicans? The kind of person who can get away with barking orders at MSNBC hosts? That kind of person?

Oh look, it’s Donald Trump. Trump, alone among the 2016 Republican candidates, has been willing to seize the banner of the Right in the current culture war, and plant it straight in the backs of his fallen leftist antagonists. Trump did this the way countercultural warriors are supposed to win fights: he beat the dominant culture at its own game by rejecting their assumptions about what was allowed.”

The Intellectual Case For Trump II: Trump Is The Culture Warrior We Need


Planning A Cake Hoax? Tips For Success

A gay activist in Austin accused Whole Foods of selling him a cake with a bigoted message on it. One small problem, WF claims they have proof that he doctored the cake and they are fighting back. Of course, some media dopes immediately fell for it given their SJW sympathies, but other didn’t. Do you think these same media people would for a second believe the accuser if they claimed the cake had an anti-Christian message on it?

Trust me, this is just the beginning of the false accusation cottage industry by LGBT radicals. It will continue until someone goes to far. It has happened frequently with other so-called “aggrieved classes”. By race: Twana Brawley, Duke Lacrosse, alleged church burnings. By sex: UVa rape hoax, Duke, Brawley and others. By religion: the Muslim “clock boy”. This is a small sampling.

My favorite part of this article is tip #1. At least pick a less sympathetic “villain”. WF is about as SJW corporate as it gets.

Are You Planning A Cake Hoax? These 5 Tips Will Make Sure It’s A Success


Why Russia Loves Putin

Perhaps the most balanced, reasonable assessment of Putin I have read. Rather than the fire-breathing, knuckle-dragging thug he has been portrayed as, Putin comes off as an intelligent, rational actor. Say what you will, but at least he has his country’s interest front and center, unlike the dope who resides in the White House.

Why Vladimir Putin’s People Love Him


Ohio State Smacks Down Campus Crybabies

Finally, a university with the guts to stand up to the leftist, BLM, radical crybaby crowd. After Missouri, Yale, Stanford and numerous less high-profile schools caving to these ingrates, this is a breath of fresh air. Watch the video. The incredulity and  lack of self-awareness by these dopes is hilarious. Bravo OSU. There is hope for higher education yet.




Springsteen Cancels Concert Over NC Bathroom Law

Full disclosure: I never liked Springsteen when he was just a musician, before he was an obnoxious leftist fraud, becoming a multi-multi-millionaire with all his working-class hero crap. I find his music inartful and his guitar-playing ham-handed at best. I never got the adulation. Now that he has become a SJW there is even less to like.

I love it when leftists go bonkers over things like this. Do they even read the bills, or are they just stupid? Hate, discrimination, bigotry, that’s all they can think of. Never mind that what NC had to codify is the law in most states. The risks to women and children if “gender neutrality” becomes the law of the land is well documented, but apparently old Brucey doesn’t care about that. I can only imagine the liability issues here as well if someone were to be assaulted in a gender-neutral facility.


Oh, it’s already happening:


Exit question: why do most/all of the SJW’s fighting for this seem to be men? Where are the women wanting to use men’s facilities?