Far Left Lies and Hate

Just what you would expect from a fish-wrap like the Daily News, calling the head of the NRA a “terrorist”. Little do these pin-heads know that this will likely cause NRA membership to rise even further.


The far-left is out to lie about and smear anyone who opposes them, whether it be guns, climate change, race, immigration or whatever. The right needs to fight back with equal but truthful rhetoric. Time to call the left “Muslim sympathizers” (they are), and maybe even “traitors”.

RIP Scott Weiland

Away from the usual topics of this site, Scott Weiland, former frontman of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver passed away last night. As a big fan of 90’s alternative and grunge, STP ranks among my two favorite bands along with Nirvana. In fact, I rank them among my favorite bands of all-time.

The charismatic Weiland was known for his low-level singing style and slithering stage presence. He and his fellow band-mates in STP never received the critical acceptance they deserved while they were together despite huge commercial success, often being derided as a Seattle rip-off. With their plodding break-out hit “Plush”, STP was dismissed as a “second-rate Pearl Jam”. However, things started to change with the release of their second album Purple and their third album Tiny Music, my personal favorite. Each release was a distinct departure from the previous, illustrating the bands song-writing and musical talents.

Critical acceptance finally came to the band in later years as well as the recognition of their influence on alternative and hard rock. As amateur guitarist, STP has had a big influence on me. Their songwriting style was unique with chord progressions few if any other bands have used. When combined with their varied arrangements and Weiland’s distinctive vocals, STP was a true original. I feel fortunate to have seen the reunited STP in 2008. Their performance did not disappoint.

Weiland battled addiction for years. So while his passing is not a surprise it is nonetheless very sad.


Another voice: http://www.laweekly.com/music/scott-weilands-talent-was-undeniable-even-if-you-werent-a-stone-temple-pilots-fan-6347910

The Funniest Line I Heard All Day

A friend in SoCal, who has no love for the left in this country, humorously referred to yesterday’s shootings as “climate-change induced workplace violence”.

While on the subject of climate-change, the left likes to portray its opponents as “deniers”. The real deniers are those on the left. We need to call them “Islamic Terror Deniers”.

The Left’s Moronic Response to Terrorism in SoCal

By now, evidence is pointing to Islamic terrorism as the cause of yesterday’s massacre in San Bernadino. It took about two seconds for our dopey president, other Democrats and the left to call for more gun-control. Even after the facts started to come out pointing to terrorism, these same leftists doubled down, citing our gun laws as the cause.

Here is a note to the leftist morons: no amount of gun-control would have prevented this! Terrorists and hardened criminals will always get weapons. Ask France, with some of the toughest gun laws in the world, how that worked out. Ask Mexico, ask Venezuela, with the highest murder rate on the planet. It would appear that the attack was carried out at a “gun-free” zone. It would be ironic if it wasn’t so sad.

The real blame for the massacre and any future acts of Islamic terrorism in this country lies with Democrats and the left. They have welcomed terrorists into the country. Even now, the debate rages over letting more Muslim Syrian refugees into America. They have constantly defended Islam, regardless of the atrocities committed. They refuse to recognize it as an existential threat. They have enabled this vile, cancerous ideology to grow and they may even have encouraged attacks with their own brand of America-hating.

It is time for the country to get serious about the war with radical Islam, with or without our so-called “leader” on board. More attacks will happen. It is the government’s responsibility to defend us! At minimum, the following steps must be taken:

  1. No further Muslim immigration from countries known to export terrorism.
  2. Profiling individual’s of Middle-Eastern or Muslim origin must be allowed, especially on men of military age.
  3. Investigations of any Mosque to see if it encourages radical Islam and jihad. A recent random study of 100 US Mosques found that 80, 80! of them either supported radical teachings or provided jihadi literature. Stunning!
  4. Wipe out ISIS by any means necessary.
  5. Deport or incarcerate any person supporting violence or jihad.
  6. Crack down on social media, freedom of speech be damned. The government should put pressure on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other social media companies to prevent Islamic terrorists from using their media to spread hate and propaganda, and as a recruiting tool. If these companies don’t comply they should face harsh penalties or risk their franchises.

This is not about “religious freedom”, something the left only cares about in the case of Islam. Religious freedom does not allow you to preach hate and violence.

Global Climate Hysteria

Global warming, sorry, “climate change” is nothing more than a money and power-grabbing con. The Paris talks are getting a lot of attention. Here are some good articles, and some laughably silly ones from the left:


My favorite article title:






And the increasingly shrill, panicked calls from the left to do something now and shout down all “deniers”: