The Finnish Model of Welfare Reform

Finland is preparing to give every citizen a monthly stipend and shut down its welfare bureaucracy. Leaving the spending choices up to the people. This must make the far-left crazy.

So, if you spend all your money on vodka, cigarettes and lotto tickets, too bad. An interesting blend of socialism and libertarianism. This will save the country billions in admin and compliance costs if it works. A brilliant idea, really. I hope the government there has the guts to not give in if the people want more. It would never fly in the US as the cuts to the government bureaucracy would have the federal unions rioting in the streets, despite the fact that this would be a huge boost to the economy.



Socialist Has Half His Bernie Sign Taken

The only mistake was not taking 90% of it.

Bernie Sanders Sign Defaced in Illinois – Vandals Leave Message


A Certain Party Gets Its Nazi On

The far-left Democrats (is there any other kind) have taken to comparing Donald Trump to a Nazi. Clearly absurd:

First, a little history on the Nazi Party in Germany.

Nazi was short for “national socialist”. Among other things, the Nazi’s:

Confiscated privately-owned firearms.

Restricted freedom of speech.

Shut down opposition media.

Demonized their opponents.

Persecuted numerous groups opposed to them or seen as undesirable.

Believed in central-planning and heavy government influence in the economy. Participated in what today would be known as “crony capitalism”.

Now tell me, which party does that sound more like to you? As usual, by playing the Nazi card, the far-left is engaging in its normal smear tactics and projecting its own beliefs on others.


Democrats Need To Worry About Their Own Authoritarianism

There have been a lot of charges of authoritarianism being thrown around by the far-left these days, most of them leveled at Trump but a few at Cruz. This is a classic case of smearing and projection, which is what the far-left traffics in. More on that in my next post, but here is a good article:

Democrats Should Worry About Their Own Authoritarianism


What Socialism Is Really Like

Venezuela is imploding under socialism:

There is some unintentional humor in this article:

“While Chavez City residents don’t see themselves as beholden to the government, they aren’t exactly climbing into the middle class. Many say they love the city because it allowed them to give up the house cleaning or street vendor jobs they hated. The smooth roads and ample parking lots are empty, as few people can afford cars.

“I’m catching up on 25 years of rest,” said Yomilady Segovia, who dropped out of fourth grade to help support her family and spent the next two decades selling coffee and empanadas in a municipal slaughterhouse.

When she got to Chavez City, her favorite thing to do was look out the window at the rain.”


Sounds like a productive existence. Bernie Sanders must be jealous.