Leftist Government Tyranny

Government should never be allowed to induce a private individual or a private entity to perform a service or provide a “benefit” if it violates their Constitution rights, but that is exactly what the government is attempting to do as it relates to freedom of religion. Fortunately, in the Hobby Lobby case pertaining to abortion coverage, the government lost. But the assault on religious freedom from the same-sex marriage crowd has started.

Advocates of SSM want their lifestyle to trump all other rights. They want to become THE number one protected class. They claim that failure to perform services for SSM is the same as racial discrimination, but this is categorically false. No legitimate religion argues for discrimination on the basis of race. Furthermore, the advocate of SSM has plenty of remedies. If someone won’t bake them a cake or allow a ceremony to be held at their hall, there are plenty of other options – people and businesses that will gladly serve them. Furthermore this is nothing more than a thinly-veiled attack on Christianity, especially Catholic and Evangelical churches. Funny, but I don’t see the SSM crowd asking Muslim bakers to bake them a cake, or an African-American church getting pilloried over their opposition. I can’t wait for that. There will be all kinds of unintended consequences if religious freedom is not respected and protected. What we be next, Satanists forcing Christians to serve them at their ceremonies? Muslim or Jewish caterers forced to serve pork? It is a slippery slope.

I can be agnostic on religion and still be deeply offended by the government’s overreach. At a high level, government should never have the right to infringe on a businessperson’s Constitutional freedoms, be it religion, association, speech, ect. If businesses want to turn away customers with ill intent, it will eventually hurt their bottom line.


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