The Pointless, Futile Stupidity of The Left

No sane person isn’t outraged by the horrible church shootings in Charleston SC. Such crimes cannot be condemned loudly enough. However, as per usual the reaction from the left, it’s media toadies and the increasingly frightened business community has been what? Ban a flag! The Confederate flag of course. Oh, that’s it, these horrible acts of racism were due to flag!

As usual, the left does nothing to address the actual problem, it does something to make itself feel better. It’s actions are more often than not totally pointless and futile. For the left it isn’t about results, it is about makingĀ oneself feel like a good person. It is about thinking the ‘right” thoughts. Oh, and ironically, the perp was a drug offender, who, if he had been charged with a felony instead of a misdemeanor, would not have been able to LEGALLY buy his gun in SC. And here I thought drug offenders weren’t violent. Let the left wrap their heads around that.


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