Why The SCOTUS Got It Wrong Last Week

Last week was a great one for the far-left and Obama, and a terrible one for conservatives, the Constitution, and individual liberty. I won’t dwell on the court’s tortured interpretation of “state” in the Obamacare decision. Suffice to say Roberts and the majority decided that it was for “the greater good”, Constitution be damned. Even worse was the expected ruling on same-sex marriage.

I won’t dwell on the moral aspects, as there are plenty of other reasons the narrow 5-4 majority screwed up royally. Here are the major points:

1) The court citing equal protection is dubious. In addition, marriage has always been the purview of individual states, not the federal government. The SC violated the Federalism clause and should have left this up to the democratic process. Most states had approved it anyway. I may not agree with it but I can live with popular vote or state legislatures deciding.

2) The state’s interest in promoting marriage includes having children to further the populace. This is impossible in the case of same-sex marriage.

3) Evidence was provided in amicus briefs that SSM does harm children in the rare cases where they are present. Children do better with a mother and a father, a notion that the radical left wants to destroy. The court ignored this evidence.

4) This has opened up a Pandora’s box of attacks on religious freedom, despite the denials by supporters of SSM. It is going to get ugly. Never mind the problems with natural law.


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