The Big, Fat Gay Marriage Post-Mortum

Best passage, and something that needs a great deal of attention, how the four far-left justices are no longer impartial judges, but a radical leftist voting block:

“Did you notice that there was not an iota of speculation about how the four Progressive justices would vote?

There was never a shadow of a doubt. In the plethora of opinions generated by these three cases, there is not a single one authored by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan, or Sonia Sotomayor. There was no need. They are the Left’s voting bloc. There was a better chance that the sun would not rise this morning than that any of them would wander off the reservation.

How can that be? Jurisprudence is complex. Supple minds, however likeminded, will often diverge, sometimes dramatically, on principles of constitutional adjudication, canons of statutory construction, murky separation-of-powers boundaries, the etymology of language, and much else. Witness, for example, the spirited debate between the Court’s two originalists, Scalia and Clarence Thomas, over a statute that, in defiance of Obama policy, treats Jerusalem as sovereign Israeli territory. But not the Court’s lefties, not on the major cases. And it is not so much that they move in lockstep. It is that no one expects them to do anything but move in lockstep-not their fellow justices, not the political branches, and certainly not the commentariat, right or left. It is simply accepted that these justices are not there to judge. They are there to vote… .

Once it has become a given that a critical mass of the Supreme Court is no longer expected, much less obliged, to do law, then the Court is no longer a legal institution.”

Ignoring this case and addressing the bigger Constitutional issue, this has become a national tragedy. These four leftists judges voted identically on 15 of 16 cases this year, with only one straying in a single case. How is this even possible? It has rendered the SC a complete farce. And leftists Dems and their media toadies hold them up as paragons of jurisprudence and objectivity, yet always in the right. These four are not intelligent jurists, they are mindless zombies for the left. By comparison, the three solid conservative justices only voted in block on 11 of 16 cases.


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