Springsteen Cancels Concert Over NC Bathroom Law

Full disclosure: I never liked Springsteen when he was just a musician, before he was an obnoxious leftist fraud, becoming a multi-multi-millionaire with all his working-class hero crap. I find his music inartful and his guitar-playing ham-handed at best. I never got the adulation. Now that he has become a SJW there is even less to like.

I love it when leftists go bonkers over things like this. Do they even read the bills, or are they just stupid? Hate, discrimination, bigotry, that’s all they can think of. Never mind that what NC had to codify is the law in most states. The risks to women and children if “gender neutrality” becomes the law of the land is well documented, but apparently old Brucey doesn’t care about that. I can only imagine the liability issues here as well if someone were to be assaulted in a gender-neutral facility.


Oh, it’s already happening:


Exit question: why do most/all of the SJW’s fighting for this seem to be men? Where are the women wanting to use men’s facilities?



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