Where Are The Feminists On The Bathroom Bills

The left is waging the culture war on multiple fronts with the most egregious being the “T” issue in LGBT. This issue is clearly in no way helpful to women, but the feminist left is so far silent. As I have said before, their is a hierarchy of grievances in the Western world with Muslims and the LGBT crowd slugging it out at the top followed by women and minorities. In this case “T” trumps woman.

Trans Bathroom Bills Prove Feminism Has Failed My Daughter

The left is escalating things: they have “won” for now on gay marriage and are going after “trans” issues despite the fact that this covers at most a few hundred thousand Americans. Never mind that many credible experts consider this a mental health issue. Are we to have our rights denied just to appease an extreme minority? I hope that the average American is getting sick of this. Perhaps the far-left has finally bitten off more than it can chew with this issue but we will see. What’s next? Polygamy? Pedophilia? Other even more shocking predilections? Trust me, if we don’t turn the tide in the culture war, it’s all coming.



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