The Sugar Conspiracy

Very long but worth reading. This is one of the most interesting and important articles I have read in a while. It shows how science is never “settled”, “consensus” is meaningless and how science can be corrupted by ego, money, power and group-think. What we think is true is often the product of flawed studies or bad data. Correlation is not causation. Skeptics are branded as “deniers” or “heretics” and are subject to bullying and harassment. Does this sound familiar?

Quote: “A scientist is part of what the Polish philosopher of science Ludwik Fleck called a “thought collective”: a group of people exchanging ideas in a mutually comprehensible idiom. The group, suggested Fleck, inevitably develops a mind of its own, as the individuals in it converge on a way of communicating, thinking and feeling. This makes scientific inquiry prone to the eternal rules of human social life: deference to the charismatic, herding towards majority opinion, punishment for deviance, and intense discomfort with admitting to error.”

In the case of nutrition “science” an unholy alliance of corrupt researchers, government and big business helped to create a public health disaster. This article would read exactly the same if we substitute “climate science” for “nutrition science”. This is exactly what is going on today with the non-consensus over “climate change”. My prediction is that 30 years from now we will be looking back on the climate change scare -mongers as a bunch of liars and charlatans. Unfortunately, climate change policy no matter how insignificant it becomes will still cost the global economy billions if not trillions in wasted capital and will retard the movement of the third-world out of poverty.


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