Justice Sues North Carolina

This is possibly the biggest outrage of a corrupt, out-of-control eight year run full of outrages. This article is dead-on. Federalism is being crushed and you will be forced to think progressive SJW thoughts, or else. Blacks in particular, should be outraged by the comparison to civil rights.  Oh, and Justice can’t seem to find enough evidence to charge Hillary. The US government is horribly corrupt, politicized and full of double-standards.

“In a broader sense, the suit is symbolic of the federal government’s eight-year crusade to decimate any semblance of federalism and streamline progressive morality. The administration ignores state laws that conflict with federal policy when it approves and it sues states when it does not. States that pass law enforcement bills President Obama finds unsatisfactory will see the full force of the Justice Department come down on them. Those with drug legalization laws and immigration laws he does like, even if they conflict with federal law, have nothing to worry about. Whether one agrees in theory with these moves—and I am liberal on drug legalization and immigration—allowing Washington to selectively enforce law conflicts with the kind of republicanism that allows us to be diverse and deal with unique problems locally.”



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