DC Attendance Numbers

I do not trust for one second media reports of attendance numbers at various events. Media is reporting the inauguration drew 250,000 at most while the women’s march drew 470,000 and Obama’s 2009 inauguration reported drew close to 2 million. Much of the estimates are based on Park Service photos.


Number one, the media lies, all the time. Number two, it is pretty clear that the Park Service does too, as it is likely infected with the same leftists that the rest of the government is. It can release a photo taken at any time – there is no time stamp. For years the Park Service has inflated left-wing marches while downplaying causes on the right such as the March for Life which will occur next Friday. Nowhere will you hear about the likely 500,000 to one million marchers in the March for Life this week. Finally, it is well-documented that far-left protesters in some cases closed down entry points and PREVENTED people from attending the inauguration. Many others no doubt stayed away to avoid the crazies. I have one friend in DC who was in that camp.

This was apparently commonplace:




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