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Originally posted 11/6/2012, reprinted here. Turns out I was right. Thanks to a friend for digging this up.

O No! Obama Re-elected

The US has inexplicably re-elected President Obama, after one of the worst four-year terms on record, an incredibly divisive Presidency, and it seeming just a week ago that Mitt Romney would win. Was it Sandy? The Christie hug? Romney’s Mormonism? Just the fact that Obama was “the known factor”? We will probably never know. Mitt Romney is a good, decent and competent man and deserved to win. Obama is the opposite.

Obama and his far-left backers will claim some sort of mandate. The truth is that Obama won a very narrow vote, that is if he even carries the popular vote, by winning most of the toss-up states by a hair. Romney on the other hand won most of his electoral votes easily. The House and Senate remain basically the same and the GOP appears to have made further gains at the state level, making Obama’s re-election almost unfathomable to me. The country remains bitterly divided. Do we really think that this President is the one to bring us together now after all the damage he has done!? Hardly!

Well America, you get what you deserve. Here is my prediction for the next four years from ‘The One”: more class warfare and bitterly partisan politics, higher taxes, economic stagnation if not recession, more debt, inflation, a possible major devaluation in the dollar, more chaos in the Middle East, and a possible domestic terrorist attack. A pretty grim picture if you ask me. This may be the end of America as we know it. I don’t want to hear ANY complaining from anyone down the road who voted for Obama or did not vote. You just lost your right to complain.

I hope Obama has the common sense to now govern to the middle, but I doubt it. That is not who he is. The only bright spot I can see is that if Obama governs like his leftist self, he may end up destroying the Democratic party for decades, paving the way for a massive GOP majority in 2016.

Obama has alienated a massive swath of the American public with his class warfare, his “you didn’t build that”, his 1% versus 99%, his thinly veiled race-baiting, and his “fair share”. To many he is no longer the president. It will take a lot of fence-mending to regain any sort of majority approval.



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