Our Red Barchetta Future

For those of you who are fans of the band Rush or early 80’s rock, you will get my reference to a future in which cars are banned. Well, with the advent of driverless cars, it is not so hard to see a dystopian future where driving, though not cars themselves are banned once overzealous government bureaucrats decide that humans are not fit to drive. This thoughtful piece questions our over-reliance on technology and our over-willingness to surrender our basic freedoms.




One thought on “Our Red Barchetta Future

  1. “No his mind is not for rent . . .” – from the song, Tom Sawyer.

    A note on Rush. There were some us who were jamming to their earlier hits in the 1970s. Permanent Waves came out in January, 1980 and contained the hits, Spirit of Radio, and Free Will. The next year it was the album, Moving Pictures that had more hits. Great band. They explored and did things that no other group of the time or since really did or did well.


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