If Comey Had Not Been Fired…

he’d be totally fine with Trump. Just shows Comey’s total lack of character and ethics. Now: Trump is a morally unfit monster. Then: it was OK as long as Comey ran the FBI.



FBI Insiders Mostly Give Scum-bucket Comey a Thumbs Down

Or middle finger. Here are some of the words FBI insiders are using to describe James Comey on his lefty-feted book tour.

“Hoover is spinning in his grave”.

“Self-serving self-centered jackass”.

“Basically a scumbag”.



Sewer Rat James Comey Writes A Book

He didn’t have the courage to tell-all in front of Congress, so now gutter-snipe James Comey has written a book designed to take down Trump and make himself look good, but actually shows him to be the manipulative, conniving political hack that he is.

Comey is only interested in one thing: himself. He is a bitter, disloyal, dishonest, treacherous, untrustworthy, egomaniac pure and simple. He has an extremely elevated sense of his own worth. He wouldn’t know honesty, ethics or loyalty if it smacked him in the face. This book is a pathetic slap in the face to Trump after his unceremonious dismissal. With any luck, this piece of garbage will never hold a position of power again