The Elite Freaks Out When Trump Puts America First



Trump, The Economy and Race

For a guy whom the far-left calls “racist”, a “Nazi” and Hitler on a daily basis, Trump sure seems to be enacting a lot of policies helping minority America. The economy is booming, while black and Hispanic unemployment rates are at historical lows. Why would a “racist” want this to happen? The answer, if not obvious, is that Trump is not a racist. I think he is color-blind, and while having a huge ego does care and want people to be able to make it. He seems to abhor big-government socialism however, and the dependency that comes with it. He wants people to be independent. Make no mistake, the economy is doing well for two simple reasons: tax cuts and, even more important, deregulation.

The American far-left and Democrats are up in arms not over any real or perceived injustice. They are up in arms because they are LOSING, and they know they are LOSING. They want control and a coddled, dependent populace.


Trump’s Presser Gets a “D”, But the US Intelligence Apparatus Is Hardly Clean

In fact, it is a cesspool of dishonesty, dirty tricks, extra-legal activity and corruption and needs strict oversight.

And one of those chiefly involved in the past, John Brennan is an unhinged Trump-hater who has been credibly accused of leaking confidential information and may still hold a top-secret security clearance. He need to be investigated.



Trump and Russia

After President Trump’s less than stellar press conference performance with Putin Monday, the far-left and Never Trump (media, pols, populace) has predictably thrown a temper tantrum over it. Was it wise to publicly suck-up to Putin? Not in my opinion. However, the normal over-the-top rhetoric from the far-left wackos now borders on silly. “Treason, impeachment, high crimes and misdemeanors!” are just a few of the words being thrown around by the unhinged Trump-hating cabal. Let us remind these people what occurred on Obama’s watch:

The “reset” button. “I will have more ‘flexibility’ once I am re-elected. “The cold war wants its’ foreign policy back.” The Syrian “red-line”. Threats on Russian incursions into Crimea and the Ukraine not followed through on. Ect, ect.

Exit question: if you replace Trump with Obama last Monday, how much do you want to bet that these same haters of all things Trump would be lauding “a new diplomacy” or some stupidity.

The Far-Left Plumbs The Depths of Stupidity and Rancor, Part Two

NBA hall of famer Kevin McHale DARED to attend this weeks’ Trump rally in Minnesota (along with 9,000 other people) and he is a now a racist buffoon who has no right to EVER work in the NBA again and should burn in Hell! Or something, according to many left-wing sports “journalists” and some far-left crazies. This is out of control, idiotic and DANGEROUS. As usual, Clay Travis nails it.

It is worth pointing out that the NBA has several prominent, vocal Trump-hating coaches like Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich who have not seen there career status hurt despite denigrating half the country that voted for Trump and spewing hate. But if a former coach DARES to simply show up at a rally, he must be ruined! This is sickening and must be stopped.

One particular disturbing quote: “The left wingers then tracked down Kevin McHale’s wife’s Twitter, decided some of her political opinions were unacceptable, and so deluged her with hate that she shut down her account.” This is how the far-left rolls. This is despicable and should be condemned by every decent person. The far-left must now be met with equal or stronger force and destroyed!

Oh, and social-media is a disaster. It has unfortunately given voice to the most vile, hateful, disgusting, stupid and cowardly people on the planet. Many of them in “journalism”. Most of these people would never have the courage to say what they say to Kevin McHale’s face.