Pearl Jam Sucks

A little palate cleanser. This is an old article but I could not agree more. It is modestly relevant because the band is once more on tour and its odious, preening, self-important poser of a front man, Eddie Vedder is using every concert as an opportunity to spew hate for Trump and Republicans in general.

I generally love music from the 1990’s grunge and alt-rock era. Pearl Jam is the exception. I loathe them. They are the AOR “grunge” band. Their catalogue pails in comparison to the greats from that era: Nirvana, STP, Soundgarden, AiC , ect. Unfortunately, we have lost the original singers and front men of these bands to a combination of drugs and suicide, so we are left with…Eddie Vedder. Cobain, Weiland, Cornell and Staley were far more talented vocalists and song-writers, and were also far more charismatic. They are missed. I can’t wait for this bum to retire.



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