What We Believe

While visiting my home town last week for Thanksgiving, I went for a pre-feast run. Running through a very affluent neighborhood, I saw one of those annoying virtue-signaling lawn signs, the type that only leftists put up. You know “no person is illegal”, “love is love”, “Black Lives Matter”, ect. The usual leftist, SJW gobbledygook. It got me thinking. Maybe I should post a reply, so here it is.

All lives matter, including black babies aborted by the millions

Abortion is murder

Capitalism is the only way out of poverty

Government dependency is another form of slavery

Science IS real: anthropogenic global warming is an unproven theory at best, fraudulent at worst

Countries need borders

Illegal immigrants are breaking the law

We are a nation of laws: if you don’t like them change them

The Federal government has no business mandating alternative forms of marriage

Transgenderism is a form of mental illness


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