Highlighting A Reply To My Bill Nye Post

I wanted to bring attention to this because this is how the typical leftist rolls: pejoratives and insults. They didn’t like my post, apparently. I approved the comments but know many people do not bother to read them.

From a reader:

“It’s a wonderful joke for you deniers, who are not very gifted either in the intelligence or humor departments. Glad it caught a few knuckle-dragging simpletons like you.”

Now, my reply to the person:
That is an excellent reply, Bill! (Sarcasm) You are going to have to bring stronger stuff than that to this site. As with most leftists your entire argument is a logical fallacy, in this case being insults. Not that you know what a logical fallacy is. Here are some facts, not emotion-filled insults. Science is rarely “settled”, nor is “consensus” science, not that there is any in this case. The “consensus” is a figure made up by left-wing media. Science is observation and analysis. For every study you can cite showing all-time record temperatures (since 1900, hardly all of recorded history), I can cite one showing no warming since 1998. Data can be and is manipulated easily. Or are we on to global cooling so you call it “climate change” now? There is no observable trend in more violent storm activity. The Earth is a highly complex open system whose climate is impacted by a myriad of factors, CO2 POSSIBLY being only one of dozens. Do you realize that sun spot activity causes significant fluctuations in solar energy reaching the Earth? Have you ever heard of ionizing radiation and the impact of it on cloud cover? I doubt it. Do you know that ocean currents shift drastically over time and may be a cause of, and are not caused by, shifts in climate? Do you realize that of all the CO2 pumped into the atmosphere human activity is only responsible for 3-5% of it. I could go on and on. I would be willing to consider human activity and CO2 emissions as a POSSIBLE cause of some climate change if it were not for the fact that the professional left (politicians, media, NGO’s, the UN) are SO convinced it is “settled science” and are so worked up about it, telling me that most of them know it is a con-game to transfer wealth and line their own pockets. Heck, I will admit that human activity is causing “climate change” in one way: land development and use. Just walk from the country into any big city. In fact, I theorize that it is a much bigger driver than CO2 and should be studied. You do not win arguments by screaming at people and insulting them. I suggest you educate yourself and not get your talking points from CNN, Al Gore, Stephen Colbert or Bill Nye before you come here. Put on your big-boy debating pants next time.


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