Trump Will Not Win Reelection, Now Here IS What Must Happen

We need an army of whistleblowers to come forward with evidence of cheating and fraud. This is already happening. The Federal government must investigate and prosecute crimes. State laws that enable fraud like in PA and MI must be challenged in court. All of the fraud needs to be made clear to the American people through honest media. But more needs to be done for future elections.

The GOP must recruit spies on the inside of the Democrat machine. They also need to hire people on the inside who have committed fraud so we know all of the tricks. There is a saying in the casino industry that holds true here: “to catch a cheat you have to hire a cheat”. The industry actually hires reformed cheaters (criminals) to advise them on ways to protect their business. This is a counter-intelligence operation. The GOP and honest law-enforcement needs to treat it like one.


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