There Is Trouble With mRNA Covid Vaccines

Alex Berenson provides hard data indicating that the mRNA Covid vaccines are not providing even medium term protection.

Vaccines, reasons for concern, part 3 – by Alex Berenson – Unreported Truths (

Dr. Peter McCullough from Baylor Medical Center who has been basically 100% right on Covid for a year sound the alarm on vaccine dangers. I have no evidence to suggest that he is anything but completely credible.

Dr. Peter McCullough: ‘whistleblowers’ inside CDC claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans | Algora Blog

The bottom line is that nobody under the age of 20 should be vaccinated, especially children. It is fair to say also that NOBODY who has recovered from the virus should get the jab and really no healthy person under 70 should. Pressure is mounting to get everyone vaxxed which should scare people immensely. The good news is that total vaxxed population has flat-lined in the US at 55%.


2 thoughts on “There Is Trouble With mRNA Covid Vaccines

  1. Please advise on info – my pregnant first trimester daughter. Is being bullied w threat of job loss to take Vaccine DESPITE he antibody profile being high she works at John Hopkins and they are ultra pro Vax for pregnant women regardless of trimester
    Please post any research being done


  2. For 17 months our hospitals are using same med protocols that won’t save people for c-19 infection. My father and cousin died in hospital. Both given Remdesivir which only drug (EUA) ordered your hive by nih. Side effects are kidney failure, hypotension, multiple organ failure and septic shock. Failed ebola drug pulled back out because gilead/NIAID invested $70 million in it and they’ve made over a billion on it. They say is lessens COVID symptoms but requires FIVE days in hospital because it’s only given intravenously. So even if giving ivermectin and hydroxy with this junk, you won’t make it out. It’s criminal. Hospitals been using the same meds and no one challenges them that doctors like mcculough and zelenko and Kory are saving lives and keeping people out of the hospitals., bham news, Huntsville times, mobile register now all Publised by NY family that’s also markets reddit, vanity fair and New Yorker. Not local. And only published drs saying their patients last wish was they should have gotten the jab. It’s criminal. My dads last wish was to see his wife and they wouldn’t allow until they were pulling his bent plug. My uncle died 13 days after Phizer jab of massive blood clot. Death on both sides. Dr sagg (Uab) de thrasher (montgomery al pulmonologist) keep pushing the jabs. Ascension hospital in bham mandating the jabs for nurses and drs. They are fighting it. We had a rally Friday of supporters. The question I try to wake people up with is “why wouldn’t they want these jabs if they are on the front lines of covid”???? There is something with Remdesivir, Alex. Have to get it pulled. It has an EUA so zero liability.


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