Bill Nye The Fraud Guy Is Becoming a Profane Screamer

Apparently this fraud (neither a climatologist nor a scientist) is now taking to the airwaves on left-wing adult oriented shows and using copious amounts of profanity. One very good general rule: when someone is trying to win an argument this way they are both desperate and not particularly intelligent.

Bill Nye scorches ears while torching the globe



Bill Nye The Charlatan Guy

This seemingly innocuous nerdy guy has become a darling of the far-left with his wacky opinions about things seemingly scientific and unabashed climate-change fear mongering and threats. His statements are often ungrounded from actual science, he is unabashed anti-free speech, and he isn’t even a scientist.

He is a fraud, a con, and a charlatan.

And now, the “people’s climate march”. Send in the clowns.