Left-wing Media Bias Part 2

Graphic language warning. A leftist newspaper reporter calls GOP Senate candidate John James and forgets to hang up after leaving a voice mail. She is caught on tape saying “fucking John James. If he wins that would SUCK!” No, there is no bias in media. The American news media is a complete joke. Thankfully the reporter has already been fired. John James represents the left’s worse fear: a minority (black) conservative.



Michigan: Please Vote For John James

Debbie Stabenow is not an offensive bomb-throwing leftist like an increasing number of Democrat pols these days, but she is a reliable vote for Democrat leftism and socialism. She is also nearly invisible in the Senate and has been voted one of the least effective members of that body annually. That is the problem, she does almost NOTHING. That is how she has survived. She is up against a young, thoughtful, successful black conservative, combat vet and automobile executive, and apparently has her hands full. Michigan – do the right thing and vote for Mr. James over this do-nothing troll.