Orlando Shooting: Leftists Blame Christians

After the Orlando massacre Obama and the Democrats blamed:

Donald Trump, The NRA, Christians, Republicans, conservatives, gun manufacturers, the gun culture, homophobes. But the Obama and the Democrats never blamed the Islamic radical terrorist who pulled the trigger.

How do you have a dialogue with people like that? Oh, and Anderson Cooper is a complete jerk. Just once I want one of these wishy-washy GOP politicians to say “are you equating my support for traditional marriage with mass murder by an Islamist? Are you, really? Interview OVER!!”

Anderson Cooper’s Orlando Ranting Is Bad For America




ACLU Lawyer Sounds Off On “Islamaphobia”< Blames Christians

This radical ACLU worm is insane. Inability to reason is the definition of insanity. He’s obviously an anti Christian bigot. A large number of victims were Hispanic. How much you want to bet they were Christian? Someone need to tell this jack-hole the difference between Christians and Muslims: we pray for them, they throw them off buildings.