Sally Yates Wanted To Get Fired

The acting AG did not disagree with Trump on the law, she simply thought the immigration order wasn’t “wise or just”.

News flash: you cannot have a government bureaucrat acting capriciously and arbitrarily decided which laws to enforce. It leads to lawlessness, or anarchy. She is a disgrace and deserved to be fired.



One thought on “Sally Yates Wanted To Get Fired

  1. I agree she probably knew full well she would be fired, but also believe she wanted to increase public attention toward the potential weakness of the EO itself. That was less likely if she had just resigned. With three decades of government work completed, her pension was safe, so there was little to lose.

    Whoever becomes the AG (likely Sessions) will have to defend the order against a growing number of lawsuits by states and individuals. There’s very little precedent for orders so broad yet vague. Though they have always been subject to judicial review, executive orders rarely get bounced as unconstitutional. I’m no lawyer, but obviously some lawyers think this is one that can be killed.


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