Shock: Leftist Media Lying About and Exaggerating Border Crisis

Left-wing media is at it again, using pictures of tiny urchins supposedly ripped from their parent’s arms to create sympathy for the plight of illegal immigrants. There is just one problem, the pictures in question are from the past, are misleading, or are not even of children who have been detained. This is what the left-wing media in the US has become: lying propagandists. Time mag (Slime is a better name) used a picture of a girl on its cover juxtaposed with Trump. The child, while detained, was not separated from her mother. One slimebag activist used a picture of a kid from a protest, who had been put IN THE CAGE by his mother! Now the LWM has been called out and will offer a weak apology at best, but say “yeah, but this sort of thing IS going on”. Lies, lies, lies. All of it.

My only surprise is that Time did not use an angry-faced picture of Trump screaming at the poor girl.

As I said before, the political left is getting its ass handed to it, so they are agitating the immigration problem to gin up votes.

The simple fact is that the left does not want comprise on immigration. They want open borders, immediate amnesty for millions of illegals, and millions of new Democrat voters. Their goal is to turn Texas blue so that they will have a lock on the White House for at least a generation. If they cannot get this, they are more than happy with exploiting the current situation. One can only hope it blows up in their face.


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