The Far-Left Has Destroyed Tolerance, Decency and Decorum in America

Press secretary Sanders kicked out the Red Hen Restaurant in Virginia because of her politics. To the far-left morons equating this to the “gay wedding cake” fiasco, it is not. No baker refused service, just a “gay cake”. Furthermore, notice that nobody on the right is suggesting the government get involved here and put the Red Hen out of business: that is what the left does. Instead, we will use the marketplace to destroy this business…anyone who is not a left-wing nut should boycott the Red Hen immediately and forever.  Done.

And there is more. Leftist activists are harassing the DHS Secretary at home:

Florida AG confronted at a Mr. Rogers movie:

And unrelated, the dumbest article of the day, NPR considers Trump cabinet members eating Mexican food to by “hypocritical”. Funny, I do not recall them saying this about Oblunder when he was locking up Mexicans!

As I predicted the other day, the left is becoming increasingly radical, militant and violent. It is long passed time to fight back with everything we have, including some of the same tactics they use.


2 thoughts on “The Far-Left Has Destroyed Tolerance, Decency and Decorum in America

  1. She didn’t get kicked out because she works for Trump. She got kicked out because she stands at the podium day after day and lies and supports fascist actions.

    So – you lie down with a pig and you stink too bad to eat in public. Whom, Whom.

    Actions have consequences. Guess she’ll have to eat cheeseburgers in bed like her boss.


    • I dare you to cite a single lie or “fascist action” she supports. Just one, and I will post it for all to see. And enforcing the law (as Obama sometimes did) and securing a border (as virtually EVERY country on the planet does), is not “fascism”. Fascism is many things, such as the government exerting influence over much/most of private enterprise, or shouting down and preventing free speech. These are things that leftists like you support. This is actually REAL fascism. Leftists love to throw around “racism” and “fascism” constantly because they have run out of arguments.


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