The Far-Left Plumbs The Depths of Stupidity and Rancor, Part Two

NBA hall of famer Kevin McHale DARED to attend this weeks’ Trump rally in Minnesota (along with 9,000 other people) and he is a now a racist buffoon who has no right to EVER work in the NBA again and should burn in Hell! Or something, according to many left-wing sports “journalists” and some far-left crazies. This is out of control, idiotic and DANGEROUS. As usual, Clay Travis nails it.

It is worth pointing out that the NBA has several prominent, vocal Trump-hating coaches like Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich who have not seen there career status hurt despite denigrating half the country that voted for Trump and spewing hate. But if a former coach DARES to simply show up at a rally, he must be ruined! This is sickening and must be stopped.

One particular disturbing quote: “The left wingers then tracked down Kevin McHale’s wife’s Twitter, decided some of her political opinions were unacceptable, and so deluged her with hate that she shut down her account.” This is how the far-left rolls. This is despicable and should be condemned by every decent person. The far-left must now be met with equal or stronger force and destroyed!

Oh, and social-media is a disaster. It has unfortunately given voice to the most vile, hateful, disgusting, stupid and cowardly people on the planet. Many of them in “journalism”. Most of these people would never have the courage to say what they say to Kevin McHale’s face.




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