Utah Jazz Has An Openly Racist Scholarship Program

It provides college scholarships to children of need in Utah to a Utah public institution. Great, the team should do this. The only problem is that the program will only give a scholarship to a black or “POC” student. No white student can qualify, no matter how needy or qualified. We used to call this racism. It was until about 15 minutes ago and obviously still is. And the Obtuse Republican governor of Utah, one of the most conservative states in the country by the way, is just fine with it because “the Jazz is a private enterprise and we need to make up for ‘systemic racism'”, something that he cannot define.

Great. I am fine with this. Now, any private organization that wants to give scholarships to white kids, black kids, Asian kids, Hispanic kids only must be allowed to if this can stand, and nobody can do a darn thing about it. And I am not just talking about religious or cultural institutions. I am talking about private corporations.

Tucker blasts Utah’s Republican governor for defense of ‘racist’ scholarship program | Fox News


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