Racist Cop-Hating LeBron James Endangers Columbus Cop Who Saved Black Girls

LeBron James is an uninformed moron who spouts unthinking nonsense. This is the problem when very stupid people become rich and powerful due to a very specific non-intellectual skill that few people possess. Today he basically drew a target on the back of the Columbus cop who likely prevented a black girl from stabbing another to death.

LeBron James Tweets ‘YOU’RE NEXT’ About Police Officer Involved in Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting by Rebecca Downs (townhall.com)

He quickly took down the tweet when someone (the NBA office?) likely pointed out that he looked like a buffoon and may have created legal jeopardy for himself. Has he been banned from Twitter? No. Suspended or fined by the NBA? That would take integrity. If he were a real man he would apologize, but instead issued a statement saying he took down his tweet because “it created more hate”. Coward. He is a complete piece of garbage, like most leftist race-baiters.

LeBron James accused of inciting violence with ‘YOU’RE NEXT’ tweet targeting Columbus police officer | Fox News


Utah Jazz Has An Openly Racist Scholarship Program

It provides college scholarships to children of need in Utah to a Utah public institution. Great, the team should do this. The only problem is that the program will only give a scholarship to a black or “POC” student. No white student can qualify, no matter how needy or qualified. We used to call this racism. It was until about 15 minutes ago and obviously still is. And the Obtuse Republican governor of Utah, one of the most conservative states in the country by the way, is just fine with it because “the Jazz is a private enterprise and we need to make up for ‘systemic racism'”, something that he cannot define.

Great. I am fine with this. Now, any private organization that wants to give scholarships to white kids, black kids, Asian kids, Hispanic kids only must be allowed to if this can stand, and nobody can do a darn thing about it. And I am not just talking about religious or cultural institutions. I am talking about private corporations.

Tucker blasts Utah’s Republican governor for defense of ‘racist’ scholarship program | Fox News

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski Is A Worthless NBA Bootlicker

Yeah, I know. Who?

Unless you are a hard-core sports fan you have never heard of this guy. He’s a supposed journalist who, showing his immense IQ, sent an email to Senator Josh Hawley simply stating “Fuck you.” Yeah, that was it. Clay Travis brutally takes down this left-wing clown posing as a sportswriter and the joke that has become ESPN.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Woj) Is A Worthless NBA Bootlicker


The NBA Is Run By a Bunch of Phony Social Justice Warriors

Quick to slam president Trump and to criticize any fake “outrage in the US” – “racism”, police brutality, an actual border – the head honchos at the NBA prostrated themselves in front of China (you know, ACTUAL totalitarians) when one of their execs dared to voice support for Hong Kong. What the NBA should have said in it’s official statement was “we love China’s money long time and more than anything in this world.”

The “Woke” NBA’s Response to China Is Pathetic