Senate Can Refuse to Confirm Hillary Judiciary

If she is elected. It’s a great idea, though I doubt the GOP has the balls. Then again, things are not looking so good for Hil right now.


The US Has Become A Banana Republic

With the FBI letting Hillary Clinton slide last week in the email scandal, Obama’s overt agitation on the issue of race, and Ruth Ginsburg’s open politicking on the presidency, the US is looking more and more like a Banana Republic.

In the case of Clinton, this is hardly the first time the rule of law has not been applied evenly, but does anyone for a second believe that if she was not “Hillary Clinton, presumptive Democratic nominee” that she would not have been indicted? This is a very dangerous precedent and signals loudly that laws that apply to most do not apply to our political elites.

As far as Obama goes, his foot-in-mouth racial advocacy blew up in his face with the murders of five Dallas police. But even that could not stop him from pontificating. He is not a leader or uniter…he is simply a clueless, incompetent ideologue.

Finally there is Ginsburg, whose critique of Trump was so unprecedented that even the NYT and WAPO took to criticizing her. She has rarely hidden her far-left ideology, but by making such public statements she has proven to no longer be fit for the bench. One must wonder if she is nuts. She has done untold damage to what is supposed to be an impartial body.

Where I was once angry at such things, I now find myself deeply saddened. The country is in serious trouble with a government like this.


Americans Losing Faith In The Supreme Court

Americans Are Losing Confidence In The Supreme Court

And Ginsburg’s recent anti-Trump ranting will not help this. The four left-wing justices vote in lock-step over 90% of the time and are hopeless ideologues. Something that has shockingly not been discussed in a broad swath of the media. But GOP appointees are constantly being hammered as right-wing zealots.