PBS Fires Lawyer After He Was Caught On Tape Spewing Hate At Conservatives

Michael Beller, a vile parasite of a human should never work again. Sorry. A now former PBS lawyer was caught on tape saying that kids of Republican parents should be put in re-education camps, the White House should be fire-bombed and cheering Covid deaths in red states. This slug oozes creepy leftist elitism. The only shock was that he was fired before the ink was dried on the story.

Don’t kid yourself. Disgusting Marxist creeps like Beller have always been around. He’s cut from the same cloth as Stalin, Mao, Castro and Pol Pot, only much dumber. The only difference is few years ago he would have been considered a loon in this country, but now he represents the heart of the Democrat movement. Conservatives should play back his comments at every Democrat townhall in the country. Watch them squirm as the try to disavow this.

PBS lawyer seen on video calling for children of Republicans to be put in reducation camps (msn.com)

A Lot of Good Advice Here

A Thread from @Rothbard1776: “This won’t be a popular tweet, but I didn’t join Twitter to be popular. Stop waiting around for Trump or […]” (threader.app)

The DC swamp. the Democrat Party, media and big tech are hopelessly corrupt. The have won this round against the people and the real conservative movement. That does not mean they will win the contest.

How 2020 Happened and How To Stop It

Quick summary: Republicans control Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona. The Democrats targeted these swing states for dramatic and often unconstitutional vote law changes like mail in ballots, ballot harvesting, early voting and no signature verification under the guise of “keeping people safe from Covid” and the feckless GOP went along with it for the most part. These changes put vote fraud on steroids, likely cost Trump the election and the GOP up to four Senate seats (MI, AZ and GA(2)). Four Senate seats! When are Republicans going to wake up and learn that Democrats fight dirty?! The way back is to undo these obvious fraud-producing rules and laws. Mail-in must go for sure. And the GOP can’t allow itself to be brow-beaten by charlatans claiming “disenfranchisement”.


The Ten Worst Mayors In America

These people are all incompetent buffoons, tyrants, liars, hypocrites and frauds. They also have another thing in common: they are all Democrats. Some of them probably should be facing civil or even criminal charges for the havoc they are causing, but being an elected official in this country sadly brings you immunity from prosecution for malpractice.

Year-in-Review: The 2020 List of the 10 Worst Mayors in the Nation (redstate.com)

Wait, Doesn’t Biden Have A Covid Plan??!!

Many smart people assumed if Biden was elected (or apparently elected) that the Covid crisis would immediately go away. Turns out, nope. The tyrants are enjoying their power and are not going to give it up without a fight. This is the same clown who advertised his “plan to defeat Covid”. Turns out he has no plan. “The future is dark and scary”. The latest in the far-left’s fear porn arsenal is the “mutant UK strain”. They are already touting its danger despite the fact that viruses always mutate and they have zero evidence of any additional risk.

Biden Warns Worst Is Yet to Come With Virus, Here Comes the Fear Porn (redstate.com)

It Is Well Past Time To Stop The Left

I sound like broken record. I have been saying this for years. Nonetheless, this article is one of the best opinion pieces and most important reads I have seen in a long time:

The Time for Talking with the Left is Long, Long Past – American Thinker

Leftists cannot be reasoned with or dealt with decently, because reason and decency do not exist in their world. I am not talking about liberals, the few that still exist. I am talking about leftists, Marxists. We must fight them at every turn with our intellect, through debate, the ballot box, and if necessary by force. The gloves have to come off. Think I am wrong? Here is a “fine representative from Detroit”:

“Make Them Pay”: Michigan State Rep. Cynthia Johnson Instructs “Soldiers” to Go After Trump Supporters (redstate.com)

Well, she has already paid by losing her committee posts, and there is a push to remove her from office. I suspect it will fail, because, you know “racism”, but it is a start.

And if you don’t think leftists are crazy, here’s more:

Woman Decorates Home With Christmas Lights, Receives Letter Calling Them a ‘Reminder Of Systemic Biases’; Did I Mention She’s a COVID Ward Nurse? (redstate.com)

I have hope that the tide is turning. Antifa punks were recently beaten and run out of town in Olympia, WA. The “Karen” mall Santa was fired. A crazy pro-lockdown teacher was caught on film cursing at parents who simply want their kids in school – she has been suspended. And now Ms. Johnson. Traditional Americans, conservatives and simply normal people have HAD IT with the far-left.

Leftists Hate Football and Want To Destroy It

I have written on this before. Why do they want to, you might ask? Football is about toughness and masculinity. It is a meritocracy. It is about unity and teamwork. It breaks down barriers of class and race. It is quintessentially American. All things that leftist, Marxist, American-hating parasites despise. That’s why.