Kill The Electoral College?

Of course, Clinton lost, we need true “democracy”! As Ben Franklin said: “democracy is two wolves and a sheep discussing what to have for dinner”. Anyway, it’s a dumb idea being pushed by ignorant people.


The Rise of The Illiberal Far-Left

What is happening in America is alarming and has been percolating for several decades. The far-left refusing to accept lawful elections. This is what happens in Banana Republics. Whether it is simply throwing a tantrum, actually rioting, or using dubious legal methods to demand for a recall, those on the left are showing their true colors: those of immature, spoiled, entitled, whiny poor losers who have the capacity to become dangerous. The left has no respect for the rule of law other than those laws it likes. In a Constitutional republic this sort of behavior is dangerous and will get worse if it is not stopped. All those who oppose the left (60-70% of the country) should take notice. The left completely refuses to accept the results of the election citing the popular vote (outside of California Trump won the popular vote by 2 million and this is why we have an Electoral College), alleged hacking (no evidence of that) or other irregularities. Trump won Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania by over 10,000 votes in each case. Usually recalls are mandated for margins in the hundreds. The left is simply trying to make The Donald appear illegitimate before he even takes office.



Report: Hillary Became Violent After Loss

I can see that. It would explain her absence Tuesday night.

Report: Hillary Became “Physically Violent” After She Realized She Had Lost the Election


Party In Chaos?

Remember just a few weeks ago (and really for the past year) when the media said the Republican Party was headed for a civil war? It was going the way of the dodo. It may never win another national election. How did that work out?

After a resounding election victory (President, Senate majority with at most two seats lost, big House majority with only¬†six seats lost, and further governor and state house pick-ups) the GOP is in a position of power that it has not seen in decades, if ever. Finally, at least for the next two years, the GOP is in a position to make some real positive change in this country. The populist “wing” won the White House while the conservative wing won Congress. Hopefully the two can find common ground.

The Democrats on the other hand are in disarray. Their only real leader leaving office, no bench to speak of, the cloud of corruption hanging over them, and unpopular platforms. The fact is, without California and New York, the Democrats might not ever win another national election.

Does the Dem Party have a future;

Check out the county by county electoral map:

And state legislatures:

I see a lot of red. Plus the GOP now controls 34 governorships, I believe.