Identify, Personalize, Polarize

Democrats don’t run on issues, unlike most in the GOP, because they either have none or they are bad ones. They run by destroying their opponents in good Alinsky form: “identify, personalize, polarize”. Obama won the 20012 election not on his record, which was awful to say the least. He won by turning Romney into a worse version of Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons: an evil money-grubbing plutocrat.

Now they are at it again: Trump is “unhinged, racist, bigoted”. There is virtually no discussion on policy, because the Democratic platform has been a miserable failure. But Trump appears to be doing the same to Clinton: “liar, criminal, corrupt”. The only difference is all of Trump’s pejoratives for Hillary are provably true. We’ll see which side wins. It may be Trump’s only chance.


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