Shrill Democrats Call Tax Bill “Worst In History”

Sensational, outrageous, hyper-ventilating, silly, stupid and childish – these are all adjectives describing Democrats in lieu of the recent tax-bill passage. Here is a compilation of some of the truly worst bills in American history. Too bad idiots like Nancy Pelosi are history-challenged.


The Far-Left Is The Real Danger

Not a few thousand kooky white supremacists. Here is a collection of articles covering our latest national crisis.

Democrat former senator Russ Feingold, formerly somewhat mainstream finally goes all-in on the far-left and calls all Republicans “Nazis”. Funny but I though Nazi stood for National SOCIALIST.

Vandals destroying monuments because they hate America:

Our post-Charlottesville behavior is a national embarrassment. Violence, censorship, virtue signaling, hysteria and prostration.

What today’s far-left America has in common with China’s cultural revolution. Scary. A word of caution to real Democrat liberals (if there are any left): the violent thugs and crazies will come for you after they have gotten rid of conservatives, capitalists, Christians, Jews, right-wingers, ect, ect. Just read history. Even if you loathe Trump and the “right” but respect actual freedom, like that of speech, you best start standing up to these thugs.

Why “punching Nazi’s” leads to more than punching Nazi’s:



Dems “Choked” On Russian Hacking

Democrats all the way up to former President Obama knew of the Russian hacking attempt in 2016. The FBI wanted to get involved with the DNC’s hacked emails, but the DNC would not allow it. Why? Because they knew it would uncover damning evidence. Democrats only cared about Russian hacking attempts after Clinton lost. Then they try to blame Trump. There is NO evidence of collusion. Game, set, match.


Democrats and Left-Wing Media

The new party of “no”. Remember during the Obama years how the media parroted that the GOP was the “no” party? Remember when the media said they were going to have to be objective in the days immediately after Trump’s victory? Yeah, so do I. Guess they forgot their pledge.

Trump is right, the far-left media complex is the enemy of the people.


The Left’s Dark View of America

The left has decried Donald Trump’s “dark” view of America in his inauguration speech. They are guilty of hypocrisy and projection, par for the course.

Fact: in many big cities violent crime is way up. Especially murders among blacks.

Fact: we have millions more in poverty and on government assistance since Obama became president. Drug use is rampant.

Fact: anarchy and crime are on the rise in Democrat-run cities, and at the border.

Fact: millions have lost their good paying jobs.

That is what Trump is talking about. Instead, the left’s “dark” view of America is characterized by a supposed return of slavery, women being jailed for seeking abortions, illegals and Muslims being rounded-up and deported or detained, and the environment being destroyed.

Who has the real “dark” view of America?


The Left in America is Unhinged

To hear the rantings of leftists in media, politics and everyday life, Donald Trump is about to unleash Hell on America. What is imminent is a shooting war with China, a return to slavery, the mass incarceration illegal immigrants and Muslims, the arrest of gays, and the total destruction of the environment. I think (and hope) that a vast majority of the country sees this as paranoid, unhinged hatred for anything not “progressive”, and continues to run away from the Democrat Party in droves. The end of this far-left party cannot come soon enough.

What I think and hope we see over the next year will be quite palatable to most Americans: tax cuts, decreased regulation, a freeze and cut in the size of government, an end to Obamacare, the border being enforced, a return to law and order, a respect for life and religious freedom, and aggressive action against radical Islamists. If that happens, it will be better times ahead.