Weep For the USA

If you are following the political theater of the absurd, Trump is in trouble, Hillary is surging, Democrats are on message, Republicans are either unsupportive, actively working against Trump, or in a few cases (Meg Whitman) supporting Hillary. I can see not voting or supporting Gary Johnson, but Whitman has crossed a line. Nothing could be more despicable than what she has done. Consider, Meg: Hillary has spent the past 30 years using political connections to enrich herself, endanger national security and would most certainly be headed to prison if her last name wasn’t Clinton. If elected she will continue the failed Obama legacy and continue to expand a massive, corrupt, inefficient government.

Sure the LWM, which loved Trump during the primary has turned on him viciously, but he has to stop the unforced errors and be perfect to have a chance. It is simply stunning that he beat a field of 16 mostly highly qualified candidates but is now “in trouble” while Hillary barely beat a man who is little more than a warm corpse.



How tens of millions of Americans could vote for a felon and a grafter is beyond me. The US is truly in dire straights, a may be beyond saving.



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