America Steps Back From The Brink!

President Trump! Despite all predictions, all polling, Donald Trump is the next President of the United States, thank God! And he won in stunning, impressive fashion likely winning over 300 electoral votes. The country is angry, wants real change and an outsider to break up the DC cabal and drain the swamp. Now the hard work begins, but Trump struck the appropriate, humble, conciliatory tone in his acceptance speech last night.

The far-left media bomb-throwers have already started with the blame and divisiveness, but hopefully they will not win. Exhibit A among them is the despicable bigot Van Jones who of course blamed racism, as if this was entirely a referendum on Obama. Funny, but I thought Obama was elected twice and Hillary Clinton was on the ballot this time. Among the left’s whipping boys are: white racism, misogynists, the Russians, WikiLeaks, the FBI, and oh, I don’t know, probably voter suppression.

In reality, here is who the blame (or credit) lies with: Hillary Clinton, a very flawed, corrupt candidate; the DNC for propping her up; the corrupt left-wing media; the corrupt GOP establishment; President Obama for trying to govern as an imperial president; a bloated, inefficient, corrupt government bureaucracy. There are likely others whose names escape me right now, but the people are sick of being told what to do and think by a bunch of DC elites and Washington bureaucrats. The weight of Federal Government oppression has become overwhelming, and the folks are fighting back.

The battle for the future and soul of our country has just begun, but the election of Donald Trump and a Republican Congress is a good first step. There is much work to be done in the next two and four years.

Here is another voice from one of my favorite writers on The Federalist:





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