NYT: “On 9/11 Some Planes Knocked Down Some Buildings”


You can’t make this stuff up. Bottom line, leftists are liars, and they try to erase or change history. I really believe leftists brains are defective. Who thinks like this?


The New York Times Is a Total Joke

In case you missed it, last week the “fish wrap of record” literally changed a headline after a number of snowflake leftists complained that it was too complementary of President Trump. If that isn’t the definition of propaganda, I don’t know what is.

Here is a funny parody op-ed that pokes fun at this garbage paper:



NYT Sinks To New Low, Hires Vile Leftist Racist Tech Editor

But I repeat myself. The New York Times hired a crazy Asian woman, Sarah Jeong, as tech editor because, you know, she’s so smart and cool! Calling Trump Hitler is nothing to this woman. She has also said “cancel white people” and called for the death of men among other things. Hiring a vile racist shit-bag like this woman is nothing new for the Times. Why stop there? Why not hire an Antifa leader for weekly editorials? Can you imagine if a white man or woman said such things about some other group of people? The left would be apoplectic. Hey NYT: hypocrisy much?



The Stupidity of The Left

The New York Times hates “conservative” speech:


And the dumbest thing of the month if not year, the US is the tenth most dangerous country for women, according to some odious “women’s studies” people. These are nothing more than a bunch of leftist feminist who have to come up with reasons to hate America. To them, any restriction on abortion would likely qualify. To call this study imbecilic is an understatement. The entire Middle East, all of Africa and Asia outside of Japan are likely more dangerous, as well as most of Central America.