Left-Wing Media Doubles Down

Remember in the days after Donald Trump’s stunning victory how some in “mainstream” (leftist) media vowed to self-reflect, do a better job and be fair? Yeah, so do I. That lasted all of 15 minutes. Instead, corrupt LWM has gone full attack mode and positioned itself as arch-enemy of Trump. Any appearance of objectivity has disappeared and what is worse, they are engaging in bad “journalism” if you can even call it that. Actually, what they are engaging in is lies, propaganda and advocacy.

Here are a few examples from just this week. CNN, NYT and WaPo are all disgraces to journalism. They are nothing more than propaganda and pure garbage.


But it gets even worse. CNN ran a piece openly fantasizing about what would happen if Trump and Pence were assassinated before taking the oath of office. This is bordering on treason! Perhaps CNN forgot that the Obamas, Clintons, and others they love would also be on the dais, and would likely be taken out. Can you imagine what would have happened if Fox had run the same piece on Obama eight years ago?! Fox would probably have lost its license. CNN should be investigated! Outrage does not begin to describe this.





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