The Left in America is Unhinged

To hear the rantings of leftists in media, politics and everyday life, Donald Trump is about to unleash Hell on America. What is imminent is a shooting war with China, a return to slavery, the mass incarceration illegal immigrants and Muslims, the arrest of gays, and the total destruction of the environment. I think (and hope) that a vast majority of the country sees this as paranoid, unhinged hatred for anything not “progressive”, and continues to run away from the Democrat Party in droves. The end of this far-left party cannot come soon enough.

What I think and hope we see over the next year will be quite palatable to most Americans: tax cuts, decreased regulation, a freeze and cut in the size of government, an end to Obamacare, the border being enforced, a return to law and order, a respect for life and religious freedom, and aggressive action against radical Islamists. If that happens, it will be better times ahead.


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