Two Words of Advice

Boycott Hollywood. Given how all-in the entertainment industry is on trying to destroy America with its warped leftist platform, and how they are out to destroy the Trump presidency, and how profane and vile they are, I think it is time they pay the consequences. Stop going to movies, buying their music, watching their shows, ignore them. The only way to stop the craziness is to hit them where it hurts. These parasites have benefitted from living in this country and prospering too long. I am at the point of unplugging.


One thought on “Two Words of Advice

  1. Let’s try to destroy the NFL and NBA by not watching on TV or going to games. For me, ignoring the NBA is like a $500 a day heroin addict going cold turkey. But I am going to do it. If I can, anybody can. I’d love to see teams get into major financial straits before Curry can get paid his revolting contract. Let’s do it.


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